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With the ever changing challenges to healthcare it is important that we are constantly exploring and evolving our methods of testing and treatment options.  Environmental issues are becoming a much bigger threat to our health, and it is important to look at smarter ways to deal with these challenges.

We are seeing increasing incidences of toxic metals, radiation, parasites, fungus, liver and adrenal stress in our patients, all aggravated by our greater exposure to both toxic metals and electro smog.

In addition to addressing these environmental toxins it is important to introduce the use of light, colour, healing sounds and frequencies to counteract the white noise that constantly surrounds us, albeit inaudible and invisible yet a constant stress to our autonomic nervous system.

Clinic Introduction by  Dr Shamim Daya 

Dr Daya is a passionate and progressive holistic GP with over 30 years of clinical experience. She has a special interest in using Food as Medicine, the safe prescribing of Bio-Identical Hormones and the importance of addressing the lymph to enhance any healing process. 

Like a medical detective, Dr Daya gathers the best of information from both conventional medical tests alongside energetic evaluations.  Her inquisitive and enquiring mind moves her in a constant and evolving journey of exploration to find tools, information and solutions to help her patients to better health. Read more 

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Dr Daya statement post Covid19

The Covid 19 pandemic confirms the importance of addressing the body’s “terrain and biofield” where disease originates.  If the terrain is healthy and not stagnant or congested, there is far less risk of serious disease developing.

Post Covid 19, we have all had to adapt, and at Wholistic Medical Centre we have restructured our clinic to offer more remote screenings and consultations using the same combination of both conventional medical and energetic screening methods as before, as well as introducing some exciting new remote screening and treatment tools.

We still look forward to seeing you for face to face consultations where possible, but recognise the advantages of continuing remote screening and telephone consultations which many of you have requested and benefited from during lockdown. Click here to see our Covid-19 safety procedures...

What's New

Remote testing and treatments

The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the case and place for Telemedicine, and remote testing is very much now part of a proactive healthcare revolution.

The methods we use for remote testing namely; Full Body Energetic Screening, Functional Biochemistry, Autonomic Response Testing, Q Scan and Emotion Code allows us to fully evaluate the main underlying problems and create an appropriate treatment plan. The remote tests are done using a hair sample the root of which represents the patient's DNA energy imprint.


Colour light sound and frequencies

Colour Medicine as a system of treatment can benefit people because of its harmony with nature. While healing the diseased frequency of the body, chemical elements and healing vibrations are also introduced into the body in a non-toxic form. 

Imbalances in our body have certain frequencies which colour, sound and light therapies can rebalance to restore health and wellness.The Super Colour Tuning offers colour and sound specifically chosen to meet the needs of your body, mind and emotions to bring it back into balance. We also have Spectrachrome glasses in specific colours that can be worn at home to enhance your healing process. 

Colour Therapy.jpg

Q Scan Assessment and Remote treatments

Everything in life vibrates in the spectrum of frequencies. "Properly organised information” and energy in the body equates to “overall wellbeing”. When either information or energy in the body becomes distorted, in time, health deteriorates. 

The Q scan device, based on Non Linear Quantum Physics, and using a hair sample from a patient, offers a full body evaluation on the main underlying health imbalances. Without the use of supplements the Q scan also offers a remote treatment to the patient to increase their vibration and correct the imbalances found.


Protecting oneself from increasing electro-smog and radiation

As human beings, we need the ability to maintain what goes on INSIDE, despite what goes on OUTSIDE in order to survive.With the rapid advancement of wireless technology, it's more important than ever to be aware of the effects of dangerous EMFs in the home. Healthy EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) restore cellular function and communication. The main differences between good and bad EMFs is exposure time, intensity and frequency. Good EMFs are meant to heal the body and are in control of the user. Bad EMFs are not meant to heal the body and are usually out of the control of the user.

We recommend different methods to either harmonise, or using devices like David Sereda’s  Mantra Coil or Vortex Bed to administer specific healing frequencies into our biofield and home space to displace the white noise and unhealthy harmful frequencies being broadcasted to us. Harmonisers that we have tested to be effective in modifying harmful frequencies include Memon, Floww and Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MERT) EM guard and water activator system.

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