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The Power of Food Therapy - by Dr Shamim Daya

The main focus of Food as Medicine is to encourage a way of eating that will help achieve a range of key benefits:

  • Stability for your blood sugar levels

  • A greater feeling of being anchored and grounded

  • Reduced risk of inflammatory process

  • Avoidance of addictive behaviour and need for stimulants

  • Healing the gut and support for liver and adrenals


Inspired by Dr Shamim Daya, “Food Therapy” has evolved as a result of her own personal journey of trying out extremes of different dietary principles to alleviate various health issues. This personal journey together with her clinical experience working in General Practice, and discovering the importance of something as basic as food being a powerful means to wellbeing, has helped to create the foundation and basic principles of Food Therapy.

“50% of people’s problems can be linked to what they eat or drink”

Now a master of this subject and someone who lives by and benefits from the Food Therapy principles, Dr Daya has written this book to share her wisdom and knowledge with others about the value and importance of food as medicine.


“The Power of Food Therapy” is a guide to food awareness and a self-empowering journey to improved health.

” The origins of most disease processes lie in the gut and therefore healing starts with normalizing the function of the gut. “ - Dr Shamim Daya

Dr Daya is working on further ways of teaching the basic principles of Food Therapy so look out for updates or call 0207 486 2196 to make further enquiries.

The Power of Food Therapy - Buy it on Amazon here 

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