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Dr Daya's Helpful Tips


As a medical GP in my late 20’s and early 30’s my health was deteriorating. After medical school and internship, I was worn out, depressed, fatigued and withdrawn. I had skin problems. I was apathetic, low-energy, cold and wanted to sleep all the time.

And ironically even though I am and was a doctor I had given up asking doctors for help, so I embarked on my own self-exploration to regain my health, to find out what I could do to help myself. Synchronicity led me to finding the different valuable paths on this journey.

Like many people even today, I found myself trying the vegan/vegetarian route, eating so-called healthy food options like nuts, seeds and protein bars and then green smoothies with kale and spinach. None of that helped and I was left wondering why I was still struggling to feel well.

My doctors at the time hadn't worked out that I was very iron-deficient. Fixing that problem helped a bit.

I realized that I should not be eating a plant-based diet because my blood type is O. O-group people don't do well on only a plant-based diet. Then I went to the other extreme, eating energetically "hot" foods like fish and prawns that made my skin worse.

The most dramatic turning point for me was what I learnt on a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic retreats. This is where I learnt what self care was really about and the various problems I had started to turn around.

I observed carefully and my curiosity about food and what they were feeding me made me realise in actual fact that all of what they were doing to and for me is possible to do at home on a daily basis.

Learning the attitude of being kind to oneself helped me to integrate these valuable experiences into my daily life.

We live in an increasingly toxic world so unless we take our power back and create a lifestyle and routine that serves us best we seem lost for solutions.

Often the solution in fact is more simple than we imagine and it starts by searching within and creating a safe haven at home.

In this creation of Dr. Daya’s Helpful Tips I summarise most of the things that I found along the way that continues to help me feel well and safe in this world.

I was inspired to write this to help my patients explore available options that I have tried and tested and have found work for me and have subsequently found work for my patients as well. Certainly if I could turn my deteriorating health around then anyone can do the same and many of my patients have done this.

I do not expect you to immediately implement all my suggestions but instead encourage you to explore them with an open mind. Find whatever excites you the most and begin to integrate that first into your new approach to health and self care.


Do not drink tap water! While most public water agencies claim that their water meets certain basic standards, water is so important that I believe you should drink and cook with only the best quality.

The bare minimum:

A very basic clean water system would be to use ZeroWater jug and replace the cartridges on a regular basis.

Installed drinking water systems:
Ideally one would have a more advanced filtration system installed either under the sink or elsewhere for a whole-house system to provide on-demand clean water without any trace of toxic metals and other chemicals.

The Ultimate Purified Drinking System from pH Prescription is an example of such an under-sink system: It makes reverse osmosis water then puts back the minerals as well as hydrogen and above all it does not require the use of electricity.

If you are in the UK, rather than use the link above, it's better to contact Philip Rudland at Aireau Supplies to order and fit this unit for you. PHPrescription is based in the US so it can be difficult to get it to the UK. Philip handles that on your behalf. Philip also offers a basic 3-cartridge under-sink system. I strongly prefer the Ultimate Purified Drinking System linked above (which includes a 3-cartridge system as part of the Ultimate Purified Drinking System) but the 3-cartridge system alone is the minimum level of filtration you should have.
Philip Rudland
Aireau Fittings Ltd
Office: 01730 829928
Mobile: 07771 897158

Please note that any filtration system requires ongoing maintenance, notably in the form of filter element replacement. In the Ultimate Purified Drinking System there are three cartridges. One must be replaced every year, another every two years and another every five years. Ask Philip about expected maintenance costs.

Structured water:
Use a portable structured water device to return water to its natural state. There is a long list of things that structured water helps with, reputedly including neutralizing many biological and chemical contaminants. All the water in your body is structured by your body so drinking structured water saves your body some of the effort your body would otherwise expend. Cook with structured water. Rinse vegetables and fresh herbs with structured water. It revitalizes them into a fresh and more living state. (For the record, filter your water, then put it through the structuring device so the water stays structured.) Go to this page and scroll down a little to "Dynamically Enhanced Cobalt Blue Portable Unit":

Please note that the links in this Water section incorporate an affiliate code. If you mind if Wholistic Medical Centre gets a small commission if you make a purchase, please use the affiliate-code-removed links below. Your price is the same whether you use the affiliate link or not. No other links on this page have an affiliate link.



Avoid using aluminum foil in your kitchen (even the coffee pods are in aluminum casing so for those coffee lovers please be aware of this).

Avoid using saucepans that contain aluminum and the teflon-coated pans or ceramic-coated green pans that are non-stick are not ideal as they are porous and the aluminum leaks through into the food.


Safe Toxin free cookware – Saladmaster pans

My favorite pans are the Saladmaster pans which are made from a special stainless steel that is non-porous so any aluminum built into the inner core of these pans (for best heat conduction) does not leak into the food being cooked. The only way I could be convinced of this fact was from the bicarbonate taste test on all my different pans – they all tasted highly toxic except for the one from the Saladmaster pan.

You are what you eat – healthier cooking leads to a healthier lifestyle. The right cookware makes your food taste better as it cooks. Saladmaster cookware is made of a combination of 316 surgical stainless steel and titanium metal. The Saladmaster cookware is then polished to a smooth shiny finish which helps prevent foods from sticking on them. The smooth finish is another reason why this particular waterless cookware does not have a non-stick coating. Also, the 316Ti ensures the food quality is preserved while cooking and that no reaction takes place between the food and the Saladmaster pots and pans.

Contact Monette on +44 791 733 0017 to arrange a home demonstration. Mention you were referred by Dr. Daya to receive a gift with your first purchase!

Although a bit pricey, you don‘t need the whole set. You only need a basic 3-piece pan and frying pan set to get you going.


   A. Fats & Oils

   B. Foods Toxic to the Thyroid gland

   C. Foods / Drinks Toxic to the Liver / Gall Bladder

   D. Foods that feed a Fungus

   E. Foods that are okay re fungus

   F. Other foods to consider avoiding

   G. Foods that are usually safe to eat

Try to buy your fruit, vegetables and eggs from your local farmers market – they have a very different quality to shop-bought equivalent.


A. Fats & Oils

Be aware that nuts and seeds are toxic to humans (they are designed as food for squirrels & birds and therefore not toxic for them!!)

Apart from that they are rancid and create more free radicals in our body.

Polyunsaturated Fats (fully-named polyunsaturated fatty acids, thus often abbreviated as PUFAs) are toxic and highly inflammatory and estrogenic. These include all the vegetable seed oils (canola, corn, rapeseed, grapeseed, sunflower, safflower, sesame, almond, avocado oil, pumpkin, walnut). This also includes all the nut butters such as almond butter, peanut butter, tahini, sunflower or pumpkin seed spread.

Many people say they cook with olive oil but as this is a very delicate oil it is best served on food and not heated. Heating such a delicate oil denatures it into a toxic state for the body. So Olive oil is best made into a dressing (with fresh lemon juice honey salt & pepper) and poured on food rather than cook with it.

The best oils for cooking and baking are: Organic butter, ghee, coconut oil.

This is the best source for organic ghee and butter:

Another good fat spread is Super Activator X ghee from Epigenetics International which is fortified with additional fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K in the ghee. I use this as a spread on crackers instead of butter to get the added value of these important fat-soluble vitamins.

B. Foods Toxic to the Thyroid gland

  • Beans – including chick peas, hummus, black beans etc

  • Pulses – including lentils

  • Broccoli

  • Brussels Sprouts

  • Cabbage

  • Cauliflower

  • Collard Greens

  • Swiss Chard

  • Spinach

  • Kale

  • Vegetable seed oils

Also consider:

  • Toxic metals (mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium and others) affect thyroid function

  • Radiation (mobile phones, lap tops, wifi) affect on Thyroid Function – wearing and EMF protective neck buff is helpful.

  • Iodine for normal Thyroid Function (Fluoride in toothpaste will antidote iodine).

  • Estrogen Dominance drives an underactive thyroid

C. Foods / Drinks Toxic to the Liver / Gall Bladder

  • Alcohol

  • Coffee – caffeine in general so this also includes chocolate!

  • Nuts & Nut Butters

  • Seeds and seed butters

  • Fried and greasy foods

  • Vegetable oils (all Liquid at room temperature)

  • Fatty meats including Duck, Goose, Lamb, Bacon

  • Avocados can be quite fatty to the liver unless you break the fats down by mixing it with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

The Liver is intoxicated by the effluent waste chemicals produced by parasites – namely ammonia, phenol, toluene and acetaldehyde produced by Fungus

Remember, a congested liver leads to a sluggish Thyroid as the conversion of Thyroxine (T4) into its active form T3 happens in the liver. So a congested liver means sluggish thyroid and sluggish thyroid creates a sluggish liver... So be nice and kind to your liver!

Problems with the Liver can show as gout, right shoulder pain, bloating from inability to digest fats and anger / aggression, irritability. The liver welcomes a good digestive enzyme to breakdown the foods we eat.

The Liver is also happy when there is no leaky gut

The Liver and Gall Bladder love Castor Oil Packs and Red light on the area

To help the Liver decongest consider colonic and coffee enemas with Maryke Vogel tel: +447982831239

D. Foods that feed a Fungus

  • Yeast – brewers and bakers yeast – so that means breads and beer!

  • Marmite

  • Mushrooms

  • Balsamic Vinegar (Apple Cider vinegar and Lemon juice are fine to use instead)

  • Beer

  • Wine

  • Champagne

  • Dried fruits including dates, figs, apricots etc

  • Over ripe fruits including bananas, grapes and acidic fruits (Pineapple, Oranges, Grapefruit, Strawberries, Raspberries, Kiwi)

  • Choose frozen berries as they won’t have the microscopic fungal white coating that one finds on fresh berries

  • Chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets

  • Refined sugars

  • Artificial sweeteners

E. Foods that are okay re fungus

  • Proteins (meat, fish, chicken)

  • Rice, sweet potatoe, potatoe, squash

  • Most vegetables (cooked)

  • Peeled Apples and Pears are usually ok on an anti fungal diet

  • Honey, Maple syrup, Coconut sugar, SugaVida, Rapadura sugar are all more suitable sweeteners that can be used including St. Dalfour fruit jams which contain no added sugars.

  • Xylitol is also a good sweetener but be careful overusing this may cause loose bowels

Fungus over-proliferates when there is necrotic tissue to consume so always think zinc deficiency when battling with fungus issues as zinc is needed to repair injured tissues.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) they refer to fungal issues as “damp heat” so once again what we eat and how it arrives in our digestive system is most important.

F. Other foods to consider avoiding

  • Avoid tuna and swordfish – they are high in mercury

  • Avoid raw tomatoes

  • Avoid white potatoes and egg plant and peppers and all tomatoes
    if you have any aching joints, muscles or arthritic tendencies.

  • Avoid eating pork, ham, bacon

  • Avoid acidic fruits
    including Grapefruit, Oranges, Tangerine, Pineapple, Kiwi

  • Avoid eating sushi or smoked salmon or any raw fish/meats
    These are considered raw and potentially a source of parasites. They are loaded with parasite eggs which pass through our stomach barrier (as most people are zinc deficient and do not produce sufficient stomach acid) and hatch further down our digestive system. Once in us they don’t leave in a hurry!

  • Avoid eating raw foods in general especially if your digestion is weak.
    UK is a cold country most of the year so our digestion is helped by providing cooked warm foods – stews, casseroles with rice or mung bean noodles or rice noodles in a food flask rather than eating on the run when the quality of the food is out of your control. It always feels good when you take your power back as part of your self-care.

  • Avoid caffeine (coffee, tea, also includes chocolate) and alcohol
    These are very acidic to the body and very dehydrating. They also harm the liver and adrenal glands, depleting them into an exhaustive state. Whilst coffee is used as an energy boost in the mornings it provides a false type of energy at great expense to long term consequences. It triggers hypoglycemia which further adds to the wired but tired feeling. Alcohol – whilst it serves to relax a person – again it does this at the expense of depleting the body of vital nutrients including the B Vitamins and the addiction this creates feeds the roller coaster effect of hypoglycemia (blood sugar crashes).

  • Avoid eating nuts, seeds or protein bars as meal replacements or snacks.
    These are not considered real food for the stomach which longs for something warm, a home-cooked balanced meal.


G. Foods that are usually safe to eat

These foods are usually safe to eat, especially if cooked rather than eaten raw:



Patients who are coffee drinkers often find when they wean off coffee, they become more constipated. Coffee (and Alcohol) is highly acidic and dehydrating to the body so although in some cases it seems to help fix a constipation issue this is at the expense of creating a deeper problem in other organs. So when weaning off coffee and alcohol please be sure to drink more good quality water to rehydrate and take a remedy to ensure you do not become constipated. Sipping on hot water on waking also helps to stimulate peristalsis.

An underactive thyroid will also contribute to constipation so it is worth checking your thyroid function.

Consider using a foot stool to ease constipation.


Whilst it is a myth that sugar is bad for you it requires a good understanding and knowledge about which sources of sugar is toxic and which sources are needed by the body.

Obviously refined white sugar or even artificial sweeteners are clearly toxic.

However good quality local honey, maple syrup, (Indian sugar rich in minerals), Rapadura, coconut sugar, date syrup, pomegranate molasses and date molasses are highly nutritious for the body and best used in baking gluten dairy free cakes, cookies and other healthy desserts.

Both Carey Reams & Ray Peat taught me how to view sugars quite differently.

The secret lies in maintaining a state of homeostasis or balance.

Just as good quality water is good for us it is possible to over hydrate on water which dilutes our electrolytes and glucose levels to the point of feeling depleted, weak and fatigued especially come 4-5 PM when we may wonder why we feel so tired and reach out for quick unhealthy stimulants or alcohol.

I find that drinking plain water 500-700 mls between waking and lunchtime feels good but then after lunch I find it necessary to dilute 500mls of water with 250 mls of organic fruit juice (e.g. grape, apple or pear juice) and sip on that through the afternoon.

This is more of a requirement when sweating from exercising or being in a sauna when one would loose important electrolytes and these need to be replaced with mineralized or juice flavored water.


On the Importance of Digestive Fire (Agni): In both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine the stomach fire is considered the most important part of the healing process. As always balance is what we all strive for.

It is not ideal to have an overheated stomach. An overheated stomach is often caused by caffeine, alcohol, chili spices and extreme stress.

More commonly, especially in women, I find they have a weak or cold digestive system with no digestive fire to transform and transmute food into the tissues and cells. This explains why it is so important to tend to one’s digestion to ensure the digestive fire is alight. So eating salads and raw foods or smoothies, juices and protein shakes or bars is not helping to light the digestive fire.

The stomach longs for warm moist stews, casseroles or congees (TCM) or Kichari (Ayurvedic).

The gut is so closely connected to the brain so food cooked and served correctly helps to bring stability and feeling of being grounded and satisfied.

Sipping on hot water through the day with a little ginger is ideal for keeping the digestive “agni” alight.

Eating regular warm cooked foods is also important.

Skipping meals or intermittent fasting can be very stressful to the body.

Keeping the blood sugar levels stable throughout the day is most important.

Importance of taking digestive enzymes – as we get older we don’t digest proteins well so we need Betaine Hcl Pepsin. Undigested proteins contribute to digestive problems including SIBO and Parasites.

Protein digestion is needed to make amino acids. Amino acids are needed for collagen and muscles.


For many important reasons it is important to take digestive enzymes with our meals. These enzymes help to digest / break down and absorb the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in our meals.

The correct digestive enzyme is most helpful to take the burden off the digestive tract and the liver. We accumulate these burdens by:

  • Eating too quickly (This causes us not to chew our foods well.)

  • Eating foods that are wrongly-combined such as potatoes with fish

  • Eating indigestible vegetable oil fats. These are almost unavoidable when eating out. Sadly, many feel they are unavoidable when cooking at home, too.

  • Eating when feeling stressed. This is common but it takes its toll on digestion.

As we get older we lose the ability to produce adequate hydrochloric acid in the stomach to digest our proteins. This in turn leads to a chronic deficiency of amino acids which are important building blocks for muscles, skin, hair, elastin and collagen.

Zinc is an important mineral needed to make hydrochloric acid so being chronically zinc deficient can also cause stomach issues resulting from inadequate protein digestion including symptoms such as gastritis, reflux and H. Pylori.


Suggested Digestive Enzymes:

  • Superdigestzyme – this is a good broad-based digestive enzyme that helps to digest most of the food groups hence supporting the liver.

  • EnzymixPro – this is another good liver supporting enzyme that covers most food groups.

  • Betaine Hcl with Pepsin – this is most important for protein digestion so is best taken with protein-based meals including meat and fish especially when eaten late in the evenings when protein digestion is weakest and this puts a burden on the liver.
    Note that "Betaine HCL & Pepsin should not be used concurrently with H2-blocking drugs and proton pump inhibitors, because these drugs are intended to block the production of stomach HCl" per

  • Digestzymes – this is another broad category enzyme that also includes enzymes needed for breaking down gluten components.



It is well known that all disease starts in the gut so healing must also start by addressing these gut issues.

Having a leaky gut can also extend to having a leaky bladder, leaky lungs, leaky brain.

A leaky gut refers to permeability of the intestinal lining and this is not only a common cause of gastrointestinal disease but is also an important underlying cause of many symptoms and predisposition to other health challenges including those caused by over proliferation of fungus and parasites.

A permeable inflamed gut lining allows for toxic waste to re enter the body which then puts a burden on the liver, lymphatic system and other organs.

Our organs were never designed to be so burdened and compromised with toxic wastes. These wastes are meant to be eliminated through the main eliminative channels – namely the colon, liver, gall bladder, kidney, lungs and lymph.

This is why it is most important to enhance the eliminative pathways first before introducing any detox regimes.

This is also why the correctly-chosen drainage remedies are most important to help clean up the accumulation of toxic wastes in the matrix / connective tissue. This addresses the terrain. Late in his life, Louis Pasteur revised his theory that germs cause disease. He said that he realized "it's not the seed, but the soil." In effect, the germ is nothing but the terrain is everything. If your gut becomes a place where germs can easily grow, disease starts in the gut.

Remedies that fix a leaky gut:

  • Repairvite SE / GT – this is a simple powder consisting of soothing ingredients to heal a severe leaky gut.

  • Clearvite PSF / GLB / GL / CLA – this is in a powder form with the PSF version made from pea protein. Clearvite PSF is very popular as it provides a good source of micronutrients in low doses combined with enzymes which helps to heal the inflamed gut lining and support the liver.

  • GastroULC – this comes in the form of a tablet and it also contains chlorella. Chlorella helps to clear some of the accumulated toxic metals.


Through bad eating habits over a lifetime it is not uncommon for toxic waste to build up as a thick coating on the walls of the colon. It is in this layer of hardened toxic waste where unwanted pathogens thrive, especially parasites and fungus.

A colon cleanse will help clear out this coating in the colon.

My first introduction to this was doing the Richard Schulze colon cleanse program. The healing effects on my skin were dramatic and miraculous confirming that most skin issues are in fact a reflection of a toxic colon.

Intestinal Formula #1 is an herbal supplement designed to help stimulate and strengthen the muscular movement of the colon which in turn helps remove accumulated toxins and excess waste, and may help you begin to have more regular and complete bowel movements.

Once you’ve started to have regular bowel movements, it is time for the second part of the Richard Schulze colon cleanse program using Intestinal Formula #2 to get out the accumulation of old, toxic debris that you have been collecting and storing for years.

Intestinal Formula #2 acts as an intestinal vacuum cleaner that helps draw-out and remove old, excess fecal matter that is typically packed with toxins, poisons, bacteria, and even heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

I recommend you do such a colon cleanse at least once a year.

Note colonic or coffee enemas are far more effective after doing a colon cleanse.


The benefits that some may experience from intermittent fasting are likely due to the lowering of endotoxin levels and reduced amount of PUFA stored in the body simply by reducing the frequency of food challenges entering the body.

Whilst intermittent fasting is seemingly the new and fashionable trend, I am not in favour of it. The main reason being that depriving yourself of food for an extended period of time can increase your stress levels, disrupt your sleep, increase anxiety and depression, cause extreme fatigue and much more.

Here below some quotes from Ray Peat that sums up the pitfalls of intermittent fasting very well.

If you don't consume sugar and you eat low calorie, your body will make its own sugar-utilizing protein, your muscle, your tissue, your brain, your organs, etc.

Weight loss due to fasting is the same as eating a "meat diet" — your own meat.

Long term fasting/dieting slows down your metabolic rate. This will allow you to get by on a very low calorie diet, which is exactly what you DON'T want...

Fasting turns off the liver's ability to detoxify due to lack of energy, thus fasting has an anti-detox affect. (2 minutes)


Avoid being constipated.

The colon/bowel is another important eliminative channel or pathway so it is important to ensure that is kept moving daily, fully and easily. This requires an adequate intake of water, fibre and digestive enzymes to ensure full digestion of your food. It also requires adequate lubrication with sufficient good fats/oils including Flax Seed oil or Olive oil or Coconut oil.

When addressing parasites it is even more important to ensure that you do not get constipated as you want these parasites out as quickly as possible.

Constipation remedies to consider:

  • OxyPowder

  • Additional Vitamin C or Buffered C

  • Additional Magnesium

  • Intestinal Formula 1
    (part of Richard Schulze Colon Cleanse program)

  • Triphla Rose


Parasites are more common than we realize. Similar to radiation they are not easily visible yet they can do a lot of harm by eating nutrients from our food and supplements as well as producing a lot of effluent waste chemicals especially ammonia which is very toxic to the brain, liver, heart and kidneys.

Parasites can present as any one or any combination of the following symptoms:

  • Constipation

  • Gas or bloating

  • Diarrhoea

  • Joint / muscle aches

  • Allergies

  • Itchy ears, nose, anus

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Tooth grinding

  • Anaemia

  • Increased appetite

  • Problems sleeping

  • Brain fog

  • Various skin problems

  • Heart palpitations

  • Migraines

  • Low back ache

  • Gritty eyes

  • Multiple food intolerances

  • Abdominal pain/discomfort.

Parasites are more common in those that eat raw fish (Sushi, Sashimi) or raw meats.

Those that present with parasites are always found to be zinc deficient. Zinc is an important mineral needed to make hydrochloric acid in the stomach that is needed to dissolve any parasite eggs consumed in foods to prevent them from passing into the small intestine and colon.

Parasites are also more common in those that do not chew their food slowly but instead eat fast and gulp their food down. Remember, chewing mixes food with saliva. This is the first part of the digestive process. Unchewed therefore totally undigested, food is exactly what many parasites thrive on.

Eating out and travel abroad is another common way to pick up parasites. The main parasite categories are:

  • Trematode

  • Cestode

  • Nematode

  • Ascaris

  • Strongyloides

  • Hookworm

  • Protozoa

  • Sporozoa

  • Lyme (Borellia, Babesia, Bartonella, Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, Toxoplasmosis)

The smaller parasites like Protozoa Sporozoa and Lyme can be transmitted through insect bites including mosquitoes, spider bites and of course tick bites.

It is a common finding that the smaller parasites (Lyme) reside more in the head and neck region of the body as they feed on collagen, ligaments, nerve tissue. The larger parasites (tapeworm, roundworms etc) are commonly found in the colon and feed off our food especially dairy. They love lactose and cheese.

It is important to avoid being constipated and initially it helps to do a bowel cleanse program like Richard Schulze Intestinal Formula 1 &2. This is a 3-week program that helps to release old hard fecal matter from the bowel walls that eventually becomes soft enough to pass.

Following a bowel cleanse it helps to take CellCore’s Para 1 – 3 capsules with food twice a day. This is an herb that is like glue to which the parasites stick. The parasites can then often be seen passed in the stools.

It helps to take stronger anti parasite herbs like Wormwood Combination 3-4 capsules at bedtime for one month then 4 capsules twice a week thereafter as maintenance.

On Full Moon it helps to take a stronger anti-parasite medication (Praziquantel, Fenbendazole, Mebendazole, Niclosamide, Ivermectin, Diloxanide, Egaten). These are prescription items apart from Mebendazole (Ovex).

It also helps to take Paprika half teaspoon in warm water at bedtime 2 – 3 x a week as maintenance to create an adverse terrain that keeps the parasites at bay.

Be aware that one person in the family with parasites means that the whole family could be sharing the same parasites so when being wormed it is a good idea for the whole family to be wormed at the same time.

Having pets, especially cats and dogs, predisposes us to parasites. So if you have any pets be sure to worm them every 2-3 weeks. Also take care not to have the pets in your bedroom especially but also not in the kitchen or living room. Obviously try not to get too close to the dog / cat and avoid them licking you! That would be a fantastic way for parasites eggs to be passed from one host to another.

Remember parasites have a life cycle so when you kill them initially 2-3 weeks later the dormant eggs will hatch to continue the life cycle. That is why it s important to stay on top of their life cycle by worming yourself every 2- 3 weeks.

Parasites, fungus, bacteria and viruses are part of the cycle of nature for all of us so we can never be totally rid of these microbes. Parasites thrive and become more aggressive when the terrain allows for this. Parasite-friendly terrain is established with lymph congestion, constipation, zinc deficiency and a weakened immune system. What aggravates them most (especially the Lyme parasites) is electromagnetic radiation (mast towers, wifi, mobile phones, high frequency radiation).

So it is important to address and minimize radiation exposure in your personal space (especially at night) by sleeping under an EMF protective canopy.

Parasites generally are more active at bedtime and through the night and they are a common reason for insomnia and frequent urination at night.

Remember that we are meant to live in a symbiotic relationship with parasites – our gut is not meant to be sterile. It is not possible to “get rid of parasites” 100%. They have their own life cycle within us. The goal is to keep your terrain healthy by consuming adequate minerals especially zinc and maintaining adequate digestion and elimination and then staying on top of the parasites’ life cycle by taking your antiparasitic medications on a regular basis and rotating them to keep the parasites from developing immunity to them.

To explore the impact of parasites on our health further listen to Dr. Simon Yu:

Also read his book:


Self-care is about creating habits and routines that serve you best to stay well and healthy. It is easy to forget this when we are young but we soon use up our precious adrenal reserves and as we get older self-care becomes even more important. Women are particularly good at sacrificing their self care for the benefit of the family yet to set an example for self care routines to the family is beneficial to all.


What I mean by self-care includes the following:


  • Tongue scraping with silver tongue scraper
    Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) place great importance on how the tongue shares a direct connection to several of the body's vital organs, including the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen and stomach. The tongue therefore reflects the health and well-being of these organs, so regularly inspecting the tongue is an excellent way to gauge your overall health.

    Using a tongue scraper daily gently removes toxins from the tongue itself and simultaneously stimulates, massages, and cleanses the associated organs and deep tissues. It also allows you to take note of any significant changes that may indicate variations in your own internal state of balance.


  • Oil Pulling

    • Oil pulling is a time-tested method for improving oral hygiene that is endorsed not only by Ayurvedic practitioners, but Western doctors and dentists as well.

    • Both Western medicine and Ayurveda use the tongue as an important diagnostic tool, indicating the fact that a healthy mouth and a healthy tongue are interrelated to the health of the entire body.

    • Oil pulling is best done in the morning, upon rising, after brushing and on an empty stomach, as it helps to stimulate the appetite and enhance the sense of taste. Oil pulling involves putting one tablespoon of oil (I suggest using coconut oil or MCT oil) in your mouth and swishing it around your teeth and gums for 5-10 minutes.

    • Do not swallow the oil — Coconut oil can congeal in your drain and cause the pipes to clog so do not spit it out into your sink. Spit it into a separate container and dispose of this as waste.

    • Rinse the mouth with warm water.


  • Tooth brushing
    I recommend using an electric toothbrush brush that makes oscillating or ultrasonic vibrating movements to remove plaque buildup, bacteria and other debris. Most modern models feature two-minute timers, multiple cleaning modes and pressure sensors to help ensure optimum brushing. Some people strongly prefer oscillating brushes, others strongly prefer ultrasonic brushes. Whichever you choose, it is imperative to use it at least twice daily.


  • Tooth flossing
    Flossing is an important oral hygiene habit. It cleans and dislodges food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. It is generally recommended that you floss first then brush your teeth.

    Try flossing with interdental brushes that are more effective at cleaning between the teeth. These brushes come in different sizes to access all gaps. Here is an example:

If your gums bleed it is commonly thought that dental plaque buildup is harboring bacteria in your mouth and the bacteria cause infection.

This may be the case but it also could be that you need Vitamin C, Folic Acid, CoQ10 or Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (P5P), which is activated Vitamin B6. If you have your teeth cleaned regularly by a dental hygienist and your gums still bleed, these deficiencies must be considered.

Receding gums could be due to ammonia and lactic acid from parasites.

Your mouth/teeth commonly lie at the root of many symptoms that are far away from the mouth including arthritis, hip or knee problems, breast and prostate problems and heart conditions.

I recommend you see a good dental hygienist at least twice a year (more frequently if your hygienist recommends it – many people produce enough plaque or have other dental issues such that twice a year is not enough) and have a routine dental checkup at least once a year.

Risk factors to consider in your mouth include: amalgam silver/mercury fillings, titanium implants, root canals, cavitations and dental decay. These can all be corrected by the right dentist.

Most important is to have a metal-free and infection-free mouth.

It helps to connect with a biological holistic dentist. Here below are a few options:

Dr. Goran Stojanovic at NDU clinic based at 22 Harley St. London

Dr. Giuseppe Marinaci at Biohealth Holistic Dentistry

Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC


  • Eating regularly – Don’t skip meals

  • Preparing and planning food preparation appropriately – Find a way to make home food preparation exciting to enable you to be creative with food planning



  • Self-massage with coconut oil from feet to hips, abdomen, low back, arms elbows shoulders, neck

  • Dry Skin Brushing – upward strokes on dry skin before getting into the shower.
    This is a good daily habit to get into for supporting the lymphatic system. The lymph is the waste disposal system of our bodies so it needs all the help to keep this moving to ensure a clean terrain. Additionally, it helps to take a Lymph Drainage remedy to help the lymph to drain at a cellular level.

  • Cellerciser – This is a mini trampoline / rebounder that is excellent for helping to move the lymph. Make it fun to rebound by playing a music track you enjoy.


  • Read the labels!
    Be sure to read the labels on all food and personal care products! Learn to understand the weasel words that manufacturers use to disguise ingredients that you might not want to consume. What exactly are “natural flavors” for instance?

    A recently-developed free mobile app called Yuka allows you to scan the barcodes of food and personal care products and instantly see their impact on your health. Consider using it to ensure that you are using the healthiest products. But also consider that you know nothing about this company or their real agenda. You are giving them information about your shopping habits and choices and they know who you are. This gives them a valuable list they can monetize for marketing purposes. (Remember, when a service is free, you are the product and you're being sold to the real customer, typically a marketer who wants to sell you something.) We also don't know if products Yuka says are safe really are safe. It is possible that in some instances Yuka accepts a fee for listing products as safe that you or I might not consider safe. (I am not saying this is the case, but it's possible.) This is why it is important to read and understand the labels yourself.

  • Toothpaste
    Try to use the natural fluoride-free toothpastes such as:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
    Choose a simple clean shampoo & conditioner such as

  • Deodorants
    Avoid using antiperspirants that contain aluminum.
    Look for a roll-on deodorant that does not contain aluminum. There are many of them.
    Bear in mind that body odour usually reflects underlying lymph stagnation so it is better to work on helping the lymph by drinking adequate water, dry skin brushing, exercising / Cellerciser and wearing EMF protective under clothing (tank tops, shorts etc). Additionally, it helps to mitigate radiation exposure in your home (mobile phones, wifi routers, smart meters, cordless phones, cell towers, etc) See 
    Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Makeup / Cosmetics
    Be mindful of what you put on your body. Check the ingredients to make sure they are natural and safe. There are many natural mineral makeup products available.

  • Body creams / lotions
    Try to avoid these as they contain vegetable or seed oil fats which are not ideal. Saturated fats, such as MCT oil or coconut oil, are best on your body. Coconut oil is especially the best to apply on your skin before sunbathing to avoid sunburn or over heating.



  • Voxx Socks
    Voxx Socks have a special tactile pattern woven into their socks or insoles designed to activate the neuroreceptors on the bottom of your feet that then triggers a neural response in the brainstem, which in turn helps manage pain, improves mobility and enhances balance.

    The pattern in the socks works with activation points on the balls of your feet, so as soon as each foot comes in contact with the sock or Voxx Socks insole, it instantly sends signals up through the central nervous system and puts the brain stem into homeostasis. Designed to reduce pain, increase strength, performance and endurance, as well as improve balance, without the use of pharmaceuticals or invasive treatments. They have a very specific technology that has proven to When this occurs, the following happens:

    • Improved Stability and Balance

    • Improved Range of Motion

    • Better Mobility

    • Increased Strength and Endurance

    • Improved Reaction Times

    • Increased Energy

    • Better Posture

    • Increased Circulation

    • Improves Your Body’s Natural Pain Killing Capabilities


We live in an increasingly toxic world. Apart from exposure to Toxic Metals in the food chain and air we breathe and water, we are bathed in a sea of toxic electro magnetic radiation including smart meters, smart homes, smart TVs, Wifi routers, wifi boosters, Mast towers, mobile phones, lap tops, electricity cables, geopathic stress lines. The list is endless and growing day by day. We cannot avoid living and working in this high tech world but with every problem we find there is always a solution.

Meanwhile please be mindful of some of these dangers and take the simple steps listed below to start making your personal home space safe.

I have found that radiation often aggravates the smaller parasites (Lyme) affecting symptoms in the head/brain and peripheral circulation in hands and feet. It also aggravates fungus both in our bodies and may also explain why there is so much mold in people’s homes. I find that radiation mitigation solutions are a very important and necessary part of a patient’s healing process.

I encourage you to call Samir Derrar at 07968 764 430 to arrange a home assessment and measure using his professional meters exactly what your main risk factors are relating to unacceptable or dangerous radiation exposure levels. Samir will provide you with solutions to these health hazards. Be sure to visit his website for information. Note especially:

People often say we are surrounded by other wifi users which is true of course but every small step we take to make our personal space safe can make a huge difference. With both high and low frequencies exposures the simple fact is that the further the distance of the source is from us the more we benefit in terms of our health.

  • Your bedroom needs to be made into a safe sanctuary so you can detox and regenerate at night without all this white noise and invisible stressors that only add to our adrenal stress and nervous exhaustion.

  • Please do not keep your mobile phone in your bedroom. Keep it in another room overnight. Especially do not charge your phone near you.
    It is much safer to charge your phone through a battery power bank charger rather than directly through an electric socket:

  • Buy an old fashioned battery-operated manual alarm clock to put by your bedside.

  • Switch off your wifi router at night or buy a timer so you can arrange for it to automatically turn off at 10pm and come on at 8am.

  • Throw out any digital cordless phones – these emit a frequency from the base station at all times even when not speaking.

  • Do away with all Alexa devices and smart speakers etc – these send harmful frequencies all day & night that penetrate through walls from one room to another.

  • Please do not wear an Apple Watch or Fitbit. They weaken your body and this can clearly be demonstrated using muscle testing or kinesiology. I have demonstrated this weakens patients’ heart function and certainly can aggravate atrial fibrillation.
    If you want to count your steps, buy yourself a cheaper pedometer that clips onto your belt or trouser waist instead of using the Apple Watch or Fitbit.

  • Try to put your phone in airplane mode or turning it off when working or when travelling – otherwise it acts like an antenna drawing radiation signals towards you even when you are not actively using the mobile phone.

  • Try to use these modern gadgets safely and responsibly as they are potentially highly dangerous to our health.

  • Consider wearing an EMF-protective neck buff to protect your thyroid from this harmful radiation. The EMF protective items also come as tank tops, shorts, beanies, caps and these are very helpful to protect children from unavoidable radiation exposure at school.

  • At home consider hard wiring or cabling all your devices so you can disable and disconnect wifi from and to them and feel safer when using these.

  • Do away with any microwave cookers. Microwaves are toxic and the food cooked or warmed in a microwave device is also made toxic. Microwave-cooked food makes digestion more difficult with all the accompanying consequences.

  • Other items to avoid include: electric blankets, electric chairs, electric beds, heated car seats, satellite navigation systems, baby monitors, electricunder-floor heating, induction hobs, electric ovens, smart meters, Wifi boosters.

  • The higher up your apartment is the more exposure you have to high-frequency radiation because you have more direct exposure to the beams of mast tower broadcasting. Ground or lower ground floors are more protective.

  • Play harmonic frequencies in your home or workplace using device like David Sereda’s mantra coil ( as it is important to receive healing harmonic frequencies whilst also blocking harmful man made frequencies.

  • Consider always taking a binder such as CellCore’s ViRadChem or BioToxin Binder to help bind these toxins out of our body.

  • Consider sleeping under an EMF-protective canopy at night to allow for adequate detoxing and regeneration that happens during sleep.


Everything is energy and therefore has a vibration and frequency. The AIM Program believes that blockages in the flow of energy can cause the vibrations and frequencies to go astray and thus cause challenges in every aspect of wellness and wholeness.

Participants in the AIM Program experience a wide range of healing and personal transformation. I found the AIM Program to be particularly helpful for clearing inherited unresolved emotional baggage passed down the family tree. In my case, it gave my confidence back. Instead of being a door mat people-pleaser most of my life, I found my voice to speak up and be true to myself.

Participating in the AIM Program involves submitting a photo of yourself together with completing an application form. Your photo is placed on each of 8 trays and, through your photo as a window to you, you receive over 250,000 healing frequencies 24/7 sent by EMC²’s data banks.

Although the transmission of balancing energies using your photograph as the focus-point may seem hard to grasp for some, the subtle effects and other not-so-subtle benefits can be miraculous.

In addition to the usual individual and family plans, the AIM Program is also offered as a no-cost scholarship to autistic and Down syndrome children. I have many autistic patients on this scholarship program and they seem to respond very well, especially alongside addressing all the other important aspects involved in autism.

As everything is energy and carries vibrations or frequencies it is also possible to put not only people but also pets, homes and/or businesses on AIM to help maximise their full potential.

Imagine living in a house without a roof to protect you from the outside elements. Being on the AIM Program provides you with this protective “roof” 24 hours a day, every day of the year. And maybe best of all for those who don't have enough time in their day, once you are enrolled in the AIM Program, it is “set it and forget it”. You don't have yet another activity to do for your well-being because the AIM Program is always on.

See testimonials here:
For more information:

Call 020 7486 2196 to book an appointment or email us for more information.

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