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Q Scan & Colour Tuning

“Properly organised information” and energy in the body equates to “overall wellbeing”. When either information or energy in the body becomes distorted, in time, health deteriorates. Q scan, is a state of the art device, using the latest technology based on Quantum Entanglement, which detects localised distortions in the body’s information field. Having accurately located energy imbalances within the body it then stimulates a healing response by raising the vibration of those suboptimal cells. 

Super Colour Tuning - Frequency, Light, Color, and Sound Therapy All-In-One!

​Based on Dinshah’s work on Spectrachrome colour therapy, Super Colour Tuning is the most advanced colour therapy available to help trigger the healing process. Using universal harmonics of light and sound frequencies with their associated colours, it reconnects us with the universal healing energies needed now more than ever before to negate the harmful effects of man made white noise and frequencies that are being broadcasted to us.

This four-dimensional device combines scalar frequency, light, colour, and sound therapy providing a modern and advanced, innovative energy balancing therapy.

Using scalar hand cradles to send frequency and light therapy (using advanced digital colour spectrums) directly  to the body and sound frequencies through headphones, this device delivers the healing of a lifetime. It is the perfect combination of analysis and therapy using unique healing programmes.

Scalar communication is the language of the immune system, so the patient's body is being presented with specific information to yield the self-healing process.

The device also creates a  sound frequency sequence unique to the patient's scan. This sequence is played back via headphones during the session to stimulate the patient's mechanoreceptors, recalibrates the body and balances stressors to prepare the body for healing.

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How it works
The patient is scanned using hand applicators. The applicators use scalar technology to read and assess the body's stressors on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The result of this initial assessment will determine which program will be assigned to the patient.

The patient is now ready for therapy. The headphones will be placed on the head, hands on the hand cradles, light therapy lamp in position, and the colour graph visible on the monitor. The duration of the session is determined by the device's assessment, and the patient will be balanced and regenerated through the 4 therapies for the duration of the therapy. It is not uncommon for a patient to fall asleep during the process, as the body is transitioning into an extremely relaxed and healing state.

This is the perfect therapy to conduct prior to any treatment or any testing as the body has been balanced and any stressors causing energetic blockades (known to affect scans and distract from underlying causes) have been addressed. The body is now in the most optimal state for treatment.

Call 020 7486 2196 to book an appointment or email us for more information.

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