All our consultations are made via our reception on an appointment basis.

All New Patients are offered a free 10 minute telephone consultation with Dr Daya to help decide if she can help, and which tests and treatments would be most appropriate for them.

Most appointments take between 30-60 minutes. Charges are per item of service. Time allowed for that service and the actual time taken may be a little longer or shorter than the time allocated depending on individual circumstances.

We do our best to not keep our patients waiting and we encourage you to do the same.

If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment then we will not have enough time to provide a full screening. We will do our best with whatever time that is remaining and you will be charged the full fee for this or for any missed appointment.


Payment in full is required if an appointment is cancelled with less than 48 hour notice.

Should you not attend on the day of your appointment the credit card you provided in order to make your appointment will be charged in full for the amount of your session.

Costs and payment terms

Payment is due at the time of service for each appointment. Payment in advance must be made for any items ordered between treatments.

A price list of all our services is available on our website at link to price list

We accept cash, cheques (payable to the Wholistic Medical Centre) and all payment cards except American Express.

Patients with Medical Insurance must make payments in full to the Wholistic Medical Centre and then make arrangements to reclaim this from their insurer.

Privacy and confidentiality

We endeavour at all times to respect the privacy and dignity of all our patients and have appropriate procedures and policies in place regarding patient information and data protection. Your treatment and care is confidential and no information shall be passed to a third party without your written consent.

All patients have the right to a chaperone present during any examination or procedure. Please ask a member of staff. There is a waiting room on the ground floor for patient’s relatives and friends not attending appointments or acting as chaperones.

Repeat prescriptions

For repeat prescriptions to be authorised by Dr Daya you will need a follow up appointment at least every 6 months to review your medication and progress.

Seeing other practitioners

Please inform WMC if you are seeing another practitioner. WMC reserves the right not to offer treatments to patients undergoing treatment by another practitioner.


Services are not refundable.

We offer a full refund on unopened products if returned within 14 days from date of purchase.


We only see children over the age of 5 years who must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


If you have any mobility problems please notify us in advance so we can ensure you receive help in entering the building.

Our Centre

Wholistic Tests and Treatments

Our Centre is run by Dr Shamim Daya, a GP with a holistic approach to general practice, and her unique team of health practitioners. In addition to looking at the conventional medical perspective, the Wholistic Journey, led by Dr Shamim Daya and her team of highly skilled practitioners, incorporates other important modalities including:


Bio-Meridian testing to address the Terrain, Toxic Load, Leaky Gut, Fungus over-proliferation, Food Intolerances.
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Functional Bio-Chemistry

Functional Bio-Chemistry to test and correct specific imbalances found on the Biochemical and Emotional levels.
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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging is a safe and non-invasive first line test for breast screening.
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Lymphatic Treatments

The Lymphatic System plays a major role in removing waste products and toxins at a cellular level.
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PEMFs in Sunroom

It is medically proven that regular sunlight is necessary for our health and well-being.
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Food Therapy

The main focus of Food as Medicine is to encourage a way of eating that will help achieve…
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