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Food Therapy  

The main focus of Food as Medicine is to encourage a way of eating that will help achieve a range of key benefits:

  • Stability for your blood sugar levels

  • A greater feeling of being anchored and grounded

  • Reduced risk of inflammatory process

  • Avoidance of addictive behaviour and need for stimulants

  • Healing the gut and support for liver and adrenals

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Voxx Life Socks  

VoxxLife uses Human Performance Technology (HPT) to reduce pain, increase strength and endurance, increase stability and balance, increase range of motion, and provide for faster reaction times.

The documented results and benefits arising from the products incorporating the VOXX HPT pattern include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, and improved mobility and overall energy levels. How do Voxx socks 'work'? Simply put, there are receptors in your feet that are stimulated by the Voxx HPT technology woven into the band under the foot that sends signals to the brain stem. It's a little bit like completing a circle and puts your body into balance.

Order here: https://wholistic.voxxlife.com/

Saladmaster pans

You are what you eat - healthier cooking leads to a healthier lifestyle. The right cookware makes your food taste better as it cooks.Salad-master cookware is made of a combination of 316 surgical stainless steel and titanium metal. Due to this reason, the finish of Salad-master cookware products is smooth, shiny, and no foods stick on it. That's is another reason why this particular waterless cookware does not have a non-stick coating. Also, the 316Ti ensures the food quality is preserved while cooking and that no reaction takes place between the food and the Salad-master pots and pans.

To order: Call Monette on 07917 330017 for more information  and quote Wholistic to receive your premium gift on your first purchase order.



Memon technologies work by negating the effects of this exposure using destructive interference to the harmful aspect of the wave. With memon technology, a wave is produced that is identical to the frequency of the disease causing vibration but 180 degrees out of phase.

The Memon technology is able to modulate natural frequencies onto this electromagnetic field (among other things by using silicon as storage medium in the memonizers) thereby neutralising the pathogenic information based on the principle of resonance. The Memon technology utilises the energetic effective range of natural sunlight. This creates a natural setting in our everyday environment and explains the various revitalising and regenerative effects of the Memon technology.

To order: Please contact the clinic on 0207 486 2196

Floww EMF Protection

The Floww approach is akin to Aikido. It does not ‘fight’ radiation but transforms harmful EMR into biologically friendly fields, including the natural frequencies of the Earth and brain. Resonance with these body-friendly harmonics promotes vitality and a sense of wellbeing and eases electro-hypersensitivity symptoms. The homeFloww®-set is a balanced system of five parts which are placed in strategic areas of the house. The system converts unsafe electromagnetic radiation from devices in and around your home into biological, natural body frequencies. Floww devices use electromagnetic energy that is normally harmful to the human body as a power-source to generate a naturally harmonious energy-field. The radiation is transformed and converted from harmful to beneficial!


These wavelengths are comparable with the Schumann Resonances, natural electromagnetic vibrations in the atmosphere that, according to scientists, contribute to vitality and reinforcement of the autoimmune system. Floww® EMF protection devices are activated by electromagnetic radiation in and around your home so the stronger the radio emissions in your surroundings – the more powerful the energy field that is generated by Floww!

To order: Please contact the clinic on 0207 486 2196

MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology) EM Guard and Water Activator

Litowitz discovered that when a random waveform was able to attach itself to a potentially damaging electromagnetic radiation wave, the new resultant wave caused no damage. Many others have corroborated the finding and thus there was really no reason to give up the benefits of our newfound communication advances, if someone had the capability to develop a portable noise field.


A scientist by the name of Igor Smirnov did exactly that creating a Molecular Resonance Effect Technology that used ambient radiation to generate a noise field masking the damaging radiation and eliminating a physiological response. The science is all listed here from the ability of cells to detect even very weak fields to the proof that as noise field confers protection, the proof that the MRET polymer generates a noise field and the elimination of electromagnetic radiation damage. The equation is simple RADIATION + NOISE FIELD = NO PHYSIOLOGICAL EFFECTS. To find out more, click on the links below:


To order: Please contact the clinic on 0207 486 2196

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