1. What information does energetic testing provide that can’t be obtained from conventional methods of testing?

While both methods of testing have their values and limitations, testing at an energetic level is complementary to conventional tests, providing important information from different perspectives.

The value of energetic testing is that it allows us to glean valuable clues regarding toxic load, leaky gut, fungus, parasites and toxic metals.By energetic testing we can detect disturbances in organ and systems within the body at a more subtle level, before they manifest at a physical level. This is early detection and prevention at its best, and is a very cost effective method of finding and treating problems at the source.


2. Remote hair testing.  how does it work?

We ask patients to provide 2 – 3 strands of hair pulled at the root. It is the root of the hair that carries the DNA of a person. Like a fingerprint this root represents the energy of that person (Quantum physics). Using this hair sample to represent the energy of an individual, we can test them in real time from any location. It is important to understand that it is not the hair sample being analysed (Newtonian physics). The hair sample is an imprint that represents the energy of the person being tested (Quantum physics).


3. Why is it not necessary to send a fresh hair sample each time a new test is requested?

Based on the principles of Quantum Physics, your hair root allows us to capture and imprint your DNA into the assessment device being used. From your unique imprint It is possible to access information about you in real time based on the same hair sample, similar to using finger print.


4. Is it possible to have all my appointments and testing remotely, or will I need to come in person for some appointments?

For those who are not ready to travel to London in person, many of the tests can be done remotely. However, it is important if you are a new patient to the clinic, to be seen by Dr Daya in person initially to undertake any appropriate blood tests and go through your medical history and treatment plan together.  

If you’re not sure, please call and ask to speak to Dr Daya, who will assess what is needed and discuss the testing and treatments options with you.


5. Why do I need to have regular follow up appointments and how often?

Your healthcare is an ongoing journey that requires monitoring from time to time. It will be necessary initially to have regular follow up appointments. The frequency will depend on your symptoms and personal treatment plan, which Dr Daya will go through with you at your first appointment. After the initial stages it is normally only necessary to have twice yearly appointments to monitor your progress.

Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call the clinic to speak to Dr Daya or the Clinical Therapist.

Call 020 7486 2196 to book an appointment or email us for more information.