Electro-Lymphatic Treatments (ELT)

” The Quantum Physics behind this device not only charges red blood cells, improving their mobility, it also breaks up wastes being stored in the tissues, which clears pathways in the lymph system to make the immune system more functional. “

Dr Simon de Montfort

ELT is an advanced, safe, painless and non-invasive lymph technology that instantly and effectively disperses any areas of underlying lymph congestion, especially in the upper body.

ELT works by emitting a light beam of negatively charged ions from its glass therapy head, which is applied on to the skin of the anterior chest wall, over the main lymph draining ducts, as well as collateral lymph channels.

Dr Simon de Montfort designed this unique device to generate an energy field where electrons are scattered throughout the underlying tissue, creating a negative charge to the body fluids. This in turn helps to clear any obstruction to its flow and improves the pressure differential between the blood and lymph.

The Lymphatic System is no longer an invisible, unmeasurable or untreatable mystery. Its level of function can now be measured using the Bio-Meridian device and it can also be visually demonstrated using Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging as illustrated in the image on right-hand-side.

Wholistic Tests and Treatments

Our Centre is run by Dr Shamim Daya, a GP with a holistic approach to general practice, and her unique team of health practitioners. In addition to looking at the conventional medical perspective, the Wholistic Journey, led by Dr Shamim Daya and her team of highly skilled practitioners, incorporates other important modalities including:


Bio-Meridian testing to address the Terrain, Toxic Load, Leaky Gut, Fungus over-proliferation, Food Intolerances.
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Thermal Imaging

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Lymphatic Treatments

The Lymphatic System plays a major role in removing waste products and toxins at a cellular level.
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