What Our Patients Say About Us

"I would like to thank both you and Tony for looking after Alexander. He has been vigilant in taking the vitamin E, fish oils and Zinc and came back from his rowing camp without any pain or inflammation. He was rowing for three sessions a day and so really things would have only got worse had he not seen you both.I guess he experienced how his body reacted during testing. Even Beryl (Osteo) who has been working on him, said he is perfect now. Avocados are now often on the menu.

Thanks a million."


"I am very much benefiting from the PEMF mat and the flexi pulse. After a session I almost feel detached from what is going on in the bustle of the city for a while afterwards. It's like I am in a serene bubble or something! It does my scoliosis a world of good I think."


"Dr Daya and Tony at Wholistic Medical Clinic are an excellent combination in diagnosing and treating patients for a variety of different medical conditions using a functional medicine approach. I am very happy with the treatments given to me in a relaxing confidential setting. The highly professional skills of both Dr Daya and Tony, are to be recommended.”

Dr John Moran. R.D. MSc. Nutritional Medicine. (Surrey University) M.B.BS. London. L.D.S. R.C.S. (Royal college of Surgeons London.) D.F.F.P. (Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)"

-Dr John Moran

"At the professional level, my experience of the two days clinical observation was very informative and fruitful. I am grateful to Dr Shamim Daya and the team for giving me the opportunity to observe first-hand the running of an Integrative Medicine clinic.

Dr Shamim Daya was very welcoming, approachable and friendly. She relishes sharing clinical passion and enthusiasm with like-minded people in the field of Integrative Medicine. She is keen to increase the awareness of actively incorporating alternative therapies into mainstream healthcare, on the basis of rational and scientific information. She is quite enthusiastic to take the initiative. This is clearly evident through the effort she made to write her must-read book, The Power of Food Therapy.

My thanks extend to the rest of the team.

Sheila Partridge enlightening thorough explanation of the Bio-meridian test.Tony Ryman with his down to earth explanation of the step by step plan of the clinical investigation, through his tremendous experience in Kinesiology, in an attempt to reach to the root cause of the clinical problem.

I salute Dr Shamim Daya and her professional team and wish them all the best of success."

-Dr Hanan Marie

"At the clinical level, a closer look revealed an important difference in the design of the healthcare delivery environment to that in the biomedical approach.In principle, during the consultation Dr S. Daya seeks details looking at the human body with a wide perspective, incorporating the physical, emotional and psychological as well as other factors such as lifestyle and the surrounding environment, all into one view of the whole body. This approach helps to understand the individual pattern of the illness.


This is achieved with the help of innovative advanced tools such as the Bio-meridian Energetic test (carried out by Sheila Partridge) and Functional Bio-chemistry and Kinesiology (carried out by Tony Ryman).On the light of the results of these tests, advice and treatment are given to reverse the disease pattern and bring the patient back into a state of wellbeing. The effect is long lasting and deals with the underlying cause of the illness. The treatment is non-invasive and the patient takes active part in the plan.


Time spent in this manner is invested in creating a doctor-client rapport, puts the client at ease and serves initiate steps in treatment plan. This style in practice emphasises individuality and empowers patients to take responsibility of their own healthcare and wellbeing.

Dr Daya`s team are a group of fully qualified experts who are dedicated to integrative clinical approach. They work closely with Dr Daya to ensure coherent and complete treatment package tailored to each client/patient at each visit to the clinic."

-At the clinical level

I recently completed postgraduate training in Oriental and Energy Medicine after 35 years practice in conventional (biomedical) women healthcare. This combination led to my interest in Integrative Medicine, a medical paradigm which incorporates the best of both approaches for the best clinical outcome in patients` healthcare provision.

I was looking for a bridge between the theoretical Complementary Medicine material I studied and the actual task of its clinical delivery in practice. I approached Dr Shamim Daya who runs a large and reputable Integrative Medicine Clinic, the Wholistic Medical Centre in London. She kindly invited me to spend two days shadowing her and the team to observe the dynamics of her clinic.

-Medical Doctor`s Perspective

"After years of tummy pain, Dr Daya found that my son had a parasite. She treated him immediately and the results were almost instant. He is now totally better and able to do all the things he didn’t enjoy before. We are very grateful."


"I have received excellent treatment for my cancer. I would particularly recommend the Ondamed machine which has helped during my chemo and also improved my prostate and sleep problems- as a by-product."


"I had a routine Mammogram in 2009 and a subsequent horrendous experience having a biopsy done. This led me to seek an alternative method of breast care without the worry of radiation. I contacted WMC with just this in mind, but after a consultation with Dr Daya and Sheila who did a Bio-Meridian test on me, I learnt that it is more about treating your body as a whole, and that it is a 'journey'. With the care of everyone at WMC, diet changes, dry brushing, supplements and regular ELT's, my body is in a much better place now. I love that the fact that everything about Dr Daya's care is about being proactive rather than reactive."


"It was fascinating to view the results of my thermal scan before and after lymphatic treatment. What a relief to be able to detect the earliest changes associated with chronic diseases. The treatment was painless and relaxing and left me with a sense of lightness as well as improvements to the flow in my body shown on the scans."


"The sunroom is a miracle! Leaving the cold, grey January gloom to find myself in the glorious feeling of sunshine, warm in just shorts and a t-shirt. The gentle trickle from the water fountain and soothing music helped me to completely relax and let go. After the session I felt like a different person - full of life, energised and enthusiastic, with a good deal of winter cobwebs swept away."


"The massage was not only extremely enjoyable, relaxing and stress-relieving, but clearly therapeutic. Dr Zhen rapidly picked up on my weak areas (which many therapists have missed) and uses effective techniques to release blockages and relieve tension. It felt very detoxifying and dramatically improved my flow of energy."


"Tony has developed an astonishing ability to communicate with the body, interpreting the body's reaction to various stimuli and listening to its requirements to aid healing. Seemingly too good to be true, his method is remarkably precise and detailed. I discovered things about my health that traditional medical testing could not demonstrate. Interestingly, his findings confirmed my long held gut feelings about the problems with my health, where I had previously felt I must be imagining it!"


"I am sure that you must be extremely proud of your achievements and your new premises. By the way you have inspired me from day 1. I have now gone two weeks without coffee and I am feeling so much better for it! My skin feels so soft! Thank you for the book and the lecture!"


"Since I saw Dr Daya for the first time in January 2013 I have only had one migraine as opposed to the three or four a week that I was getting. She really got to the bottom of what was causing the migraines rather than just try to deal with the symptoms, which was exactly what I wanted, and it was worth all the effort and every penny to be free of the debilitating condition. Dr Daya always answers phone calls and emails and is happy to advise without insisting on frequent visits which would be far too costly to undertake. I merely see her once or twice a year to keep on top of changes. I would recommend Dr Daya to anyone!"


"I must also tell you that since my appointments in March, I am feeling better and better. It's very exciting to see the progress, with less and less bladder complaint- so a big thank you to you and your team. Amazing."


"I wanted to share great news with you and also thank you for all your help. Since last year I have stuck to the diet, and have no more migraines or stomach aches, and apparently no more hormone issues either. This would never have happened without your help and the daily support I find in your book.I am 6 weeks pregnant, so it is still very early stage, but if all goes well, I will come back for my intolerances test update after the pregnancy. In the meanwhile I just stick to no sugar, no dairy, no gluten.
Thank you so much again for everything!!"


"Having felt unwell for many years I decided one evening to surf the web and came across “Wholistic Medicine” run by Dr Shamim Daya. My symptoms over the space of three years were being bloated, headaches, itchy skin, painful joints and finally one evening blacking out these finally taking its toll. I realised then that i desperately needed help, I really felt I was in a very dark place with no one to turn to. Following initial discussions I was given a bio chemistry analysis, which found toxins and that I was intolerant to dairy products. I was given a course of supplements and after two days I started to feel a huge difference, no foggy head, no itchy skin, the bloated feeling went and the bad headaches went. On my second visit to Dr Daya the improvements in my readings were amazing. Without the diagnosis from the Wholistic Clinic I feel I would still have been in a very dark place."


"I just wanted to thank you all very much - especially Tony as I went to Pilates today & for the first time since October I was able to bend my knee properly! There is definitely something in his scar healing! Also I just wake up every day feeling more & more energetic!"


"An hour a week in the Sunroom at the Wholistic Medical Centre supported my healing beautifully. It was the perfect complement to an improved diet and recommended supplements. In this oasis of calm and serenity new thinking and meditation came naturally. It helps the transition to new ways of living."


"I found the antifungal diet very challenging initially but as I was in a pretty bad way when I came to see you. I was determined to stick to the advice in your excellent book. I've discovered so many different foods to eat now, and I'm teaching my mum to cook these instead of the other way around! I'm even having a good breakfast - previously it was only a piece of toast on the run. I have more energy, less stressed and have lost a bit of weight, hope this continues! I'd thoroughly recommend the almond milk and green smoothies - 2 items that will always be in my fridge from now on. I'm telling all my friends about your book and the recipes too - I am so glad my sister told me about you!"


"I am pleased to report no mouth ulcers since starting your regime which is a huge step in the right direction as far as I am concerned. I have tried to keep up with your suggested regime and will look forward to the next appointment with you on my return. With thanks"


"I am very, very happy to also inform you of POSITIVE improvements that I have noticed - hurray! My bowels appear to be in perfect working order, the best they've ever been since before I can remember. I'm returning to a more normal, longer cycle (before it was 3 weeks) and without a doubt FAR lighter than my last period I didn't have my usual PMT bloating NOR was I having terrible moods! - my mood is far brighter and more stable. Not so much hair is coming out when I wash my hair!My energy is really good and I can't wait to start jogging again in a few weeks’ time.I'm just so, so happy with these improvements. Thank you so much for all your help"

-S (a very happy patient)

"Just to let you know that today I am feeling so much better and it is only now that I realise how rough I felt last week. Thank you so much for your help."


"I am so encouraged by what I have seen on your website and I would like to make an appointment to see Dr. Daya straight away. I would be grateful if you could write back with suitable times and days and also it would be useful to get a telephone appointment before the arranged date."


"I come to see Tony (for Functional Bio-Chemistry) because I think I lack energy but when I have my appointment he amazingly identifies issues that are completely unknown to me.After the session I feel 18 years old again & can move with ease. His demeanour is fabulous.There are pains I have had & dealt with day in day out for a whole year, yet after one session with Tony those pains were gone.He has fixed my eye problem – that is miraculous! He has fixed my back – that is miraculous! He has fixed my neck – that is miraculous! He has given me the energy back that I had when I was 18 years old – That too is miraculous! As with everything you can’t see I feel sceptical before I come in, but it really does work. You have to go through and experience it to realise just how wonderful it is."


"I started my course of sunroom sessions at the beginning of May 2015 following Dr Daya’s recommendation. I had trouble sleeping, mood swings and didn’t feel 100% mentally or physically. Dr Daya recommended I start with a course of 5 sessions, using a minimum of 2 per week. After just my first session in the Sunroom I noticed a difference. My general aches and pains were reduced, I felt more relaxed and less “foggy” in the head. After my third session I was not only brighter mentally, I had a regular sleeping pattern of 8 solid hours sleep. I woke in the mornings feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. A complete difference after just one week. I would highly recommend the Sunroom to anyone, especially those who are office bound 9-5, Monday to Friday. This is something that can be booked into a lunch break and really does improve your overall outlook and wellbeing."


"I would like to thank you, Tony and Sheila for helping me to overcome the problems with my stomach. I feel much better after my consultations with you, Tony and Sheila and following your invaluable advice on how to stay healthy. “You and your team are absolutely wonderful and have worked wonders!"


"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt response to my questions. Your reply was indeed very helpful. After feeling like I've been floundering on my own for so long, your help and support really means a lot."


"Thank you for today, I really appreciate it. I thoroughly enjoy my treatments and continuously will recommend you people, you & Sheila are the best there is."


"Could you please tell Dr Daya that I am SO GRATEFUL for the B-complex she gave me. It has made an enormous difference in the way I feel already!!!!!"


"I feel you have put me on the right track, diagnosing leaky gut etc., and am following the dietary advice, and continuing with the vitamins, and have seen some improvement. Thank you for your help and advice."


"I really want to thank you, Tony and Sheila very much for all you have done for me. I must have come for well over ten years and it has been very good."


"I choose to come to you as I believe in your holistic approach and am willing to make changes to our way of living. NJ and I have complete faith in you and your practice and we do appreciate all your help and guidance at all times."


"I just wanted to write to thank you and Tony for yesterday; for finding the Manganese Citrate as the fix for the effects of the Progesterone. I feel so much better. A complete turnaround. I can drive, I have energy, my brain is back. It's such a relief. I can now look forward to the next two weeks. Thank you again."


"I have been doing the Bio-Meridian regime for only a week so far, but there are two things about it that I find very helpful. The first is that there is an aspect of ritual to the diet and taking the supplements that helps me a lot – it makes a break with my usual patterns and I hope marks the beginning of something very different. And the other thing is that, unlike just being given tablets or a treatment, this requires quite a big commitment from me – it is not a passive process."


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