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Endermologie is a non-invasive, painless, relaxing and personalised treatment targeting the body’s connective tissue, improving both blood and lymph circulation, elimination of toxins and excess fluids, especially in the lower half of the body.

Using specially designed rollers that gently move over the body, Lipomassage from Endermologie increases blood flow by up to 400%, improves oxygenation to your cells and helps to disperse any build-up of toxins within the body.

Health and Beauty Benefits 

Endermologie body treatments are recommended for a wide range of different problems, as well as to improve your general health.

  • Improves skin quality 

  • Reduces muscular pain and stiffness 

  • Improves scar healing process and appearances 

  • Recommended by surgeons before and after surgery 

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

  • Restores skin elasticity

  • Treatment of Scars

  • Smoothes cellulite 

Endermolgie is also done as a face treatment revitalising and replenishing the skin as well as restoring its collagen and elasticity. The results amplify with each session and are best when combined with our unique face gel masks.

“Balanced Diet, Regular Physical Activity and Lipomassage Endermologie are the 3 keys to maximising the flow of lymph and resulting slenderness.”

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