At the Wholistic Medical Centre, we provide our best knowledge and experience to get you feeling at your optimum from inside out. We only use good professionally chosen products and treatments to suit your skin needs. 

Beauty Benefits 

  • Prevent ageing 

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Improve skin tone and texture 

  • Improve pigmentation and mild scarring 

  • Find the best regimen to suit your individual needs

Our team have done a lot of research to find the best products from different brands in order to give you the best results naturally possible. 

We don’t believe in taking an impatient, aggressive approach to improving the skin or in going too harsh too quickly as this will most likely create an adverse reaction.

We encourage and complement our face treatments by also addressing the lymph, encouraging hydration at a cellular level and ensuring there is no leaky gut or over proliferation of fungus as all these imbalances are likely to show on the skin.

In our treatments we use: 

  • Only Phyto and Cosmoceutical products 

  • Advanced and targeted masks to suit your individual needs 

  • Superficial chemical peels 

  • Mesotherapy cocktails can be driven in deeper layer of the skin to maximise results

  • Advanced technology: 

  • Mechanical Stimulation with LPG Endermologie 

  • Micro current with Neurotris device 

  • High frequency and electroporation 

  • LED and ultrasound with Neurotris device 

Call 020 7486 2196 to book an appointment or email us for more information.

Contact us 

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