About Dr Shamim Daya 


“I see a patient as a whole being, and like a detective I explore all possible explanations for a patient’s symptoms, especially when conventional medical tests come back as normal.”

Dr Shamim Daya is a holistic GP with 30 years of clinical experience who believes that healing requires a multi-disciplinary approach, which treats the “whole” person.

Dr Daya completed medical training at Southampton University in 1985 followed by a further six years of postgraduate training in General Practice including obtaining her Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.


Whilst working as a NHS GP principal in a group practice between 1991-1994, she felt a distinct need to include the field of holistic medicine in her practice to provide her patients with wider and more effective choices for their health care. With her interest in holistic medicine, she founded the Wholistic Medical Centre in 1997.


It has taken 20 years of exploring the value and limitation of many fields of complementary medicine to formulate a medical detective approach to her work. Her inquisitive and enquiring mind moves her in a constant and evolving journey of exploration to find tools, information and solutions to help her patients to better health.


Her exploration of nutritional medicine took her on the following journey:

  • Medical doctor at Bio Lab Medical Unit between 1994 and 1997

  • Training in general nutrition and holistic medicine with Dr Jonathan Wright (USA)

  • Specialised training with Dr Wright in the use of Bio-Identical hormones

  • Exploration of food as medicine which led to writing her book “The Power of Food Therapy” in 2011

  • More recently has undertaken Dr Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing (ART) training.

Her wealth of knowledge and experience has served to broaden her skills and ability to assess patients’ problems from a much wider perspective, enabling Dr Daya to practice more holistically, supervising and guiding her patients through a variety of integrative treatment options.


Dr Daya has a talented team of skilled practitioners that work with her providing valuable tools to gather important information and fill in those missing gaps that have previously not been explored.


Dr Daya has a special interest in using Food as Medicine, the safe prescribing of Bio-Identical hormones and the importance of addressing the lymph to enhance any healing process.

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