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Holistic Doctor

Who Do We Help?

We help men, women and children of all ages with conditions that typically present to a GP.

We are able to assess you in respect of any medical condition and advice on the best integrated medical approach.

We do not reject any symptom experienced by a person as trivial or unimportant, however vague or chronic it may be.  In Holistic General Practice, these symptoms are seen as important signals of imbalance within the body.  An explanation and common link must be found to help the body in its own healing process.  This is another reason why we view symptoms from various perspectives rather than being limited to a single system of healthcare.

In addition to the many general conditions we can help with, we also focus on those more commonly presenting within the following groups: -

Children over the age of 5

We help with chronic conditions such as eczema, asthma, recurrent infections, hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism, food intolerances, gut disturbance. The acute state of condition we treat and manage best with conventional medical means and once a child is out of the acute state, we address some of the background contributory factors. 

Example Of The Wholistic Journey in a CHILD

Male stress

We support men who have stressful lifestyles. Stress cannot be avoided, so we recommend supporting the body during particularly difficult times. This avoids pushing its reserves to the limits when a crisis point may be reached and all the adaptive systems in the body crash. At a certain age, men also need hormonal support and routine blood tests to check their prostate, liver and heart.

Example Of The Wholistic Journey in a MALE

Female conditions

We have a specialised service for women encompassing diet, hormones, pre-conceptual care, infertility, breast screening and support at all phases of menstrual history from teenage years through the prime years of fertility to the peri-menopause, menopause and post menopausal years. In particular, in developing our Thermal Image department, we offer a comprehensive breast health screening programme for women for early detection of breast disease.

Example Of The Wholistic Journey in a FEMALE


Although many of our consultations and treatments are suitable and very beneficial for women during pregnancy, we do not offer Electro lymphatic therapy and Bio Meridian Testing during pregnancy.   We also advise patients to discuss suitability of treatment with the relevant practitioner before embarking on any other treatment plan offered at Wholistic Medical Centre. 

Terminal Illness

We are able to provide support for terminally ill patients with palliative care; but we do not offer primary care for patients with cancer or other terminal conditions.

Patients attending from abroad: should be aware that follow up visit adhere is a requirement and critical to provide optimal support.

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